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This week's challenges

Not only do these challenges earn you miles, if you solve any of this weeks challenges you will be entered into a draw to win some great prizes for you and your co-driver.

Weekly Quiz

Add 50 miles to your team's scoreboard each week with our Weekly Quizzes!

Trophy Hunt

Earn 50 miles by finding each of the 13 secret trophies that we've hidden around the site!

Code Breaker

Unveil a new letter each week for 50 miles! Crack the whole code for a bonus 50 miles!

Genie Riddles

Solve our Desert Genie's YouTube riddles and earn an extra 50 miles each week!

Picture of the Week...

Every week, we pick the best photo uploaded by our teams.

Video of the Week...

TThis is from one last year's winners - can you do better?



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